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Automatic order creation when activated the project module

Hello people.

I have succesfully created a few integrations to e-conomic the past two years, but i think one major feature is missing, or else i am missing something.

I have a customer which has activated and is using the project module. My problem is to create an order connected to  project, and if the project not exists it need to be created.

1. I looked in the API for a possible way to connect an order to a project, but without success.

2. I have found methods allowing me to see if a project is created by search with: Project_FindByNumber, but there is no method for created a project connected to a debitor.

I hope you(e-conomic) will consider these problems, and hopefully update the API, so it will be possible.
closed with the note: Solved by updates to the API
created Aug 2, 2010 by ksvendsen
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closed Oct 23, 2013 by ksvendsen
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