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Order_CreateFromDataResult returns wrong order id


I have succesfully made a complete API integration towards e-conomic. Today a colleague of mine copied an order, and since then I have gotten wrong order id's back from the API  (Order_CreateFromDataResult-Id) when calling Order_CreateFromData.

I will for instance get id 34 back in the object, but when I look in the web-interface of e-conomics and view the order it will have order id 41.

I asume something must have happened when the order was copied earlier, but it makes no sence to me.

I hope someone might help me solve my problem

Best regards

created Aug 14, 2010 by cordua
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1 Answer

This topic was just approved public today, though I found the solution a month ago.

the solution is that you get the id and not the number back.
So after I created the order I should get the order again based on entityhandle, so I could get th Number of the order, that I can store

so :
then use the returned Order_CreateResult to:
and in the Order_GetDataResult you have the Number on the orderhandle, to be stored!
answered Sep 22, 2010 by cordua
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