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Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here? I'm trying to use FindByOtherReference:

$my = $client-Invoice_FindByOtherReference(array('otherReference' = '356'))-Invoice_FindByOtherReferenceResult;
print_r($my)  ;

It returns an empty object each time? But if I try to do the same exercise with Debtors it works fine!

$myDebtor = $client-Debtor_FindByNumber(array('number' = 104))-Debtor_FindByNumberResult;
print_r($myDebtor)  ;

I have also tried to get all invoices to control it, but it returns nothing to:

$my2 = $client-Invoice_GetAll()-Invoice_GetAllReferenceResult;
print_r($my2)  ;
created Aug 14, 2010 by koldstar
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2 Answers

Can i plase know what your point is?

are you crating a ordre after that upgradet to invoice or?
answered Nov 17, 2010 by ParisNakitaKejser
Code works fine. Do you have a booked invoice that has 365 as other ref?
Invoice searches booked invoices.
If you want to find a invoice that is active (Under the Invoices menu in the webinterface), you have to use CurrentInvoice.
And the refernce must be exact, It won't find reference that is 3654 or 3651, it will only find reference that is 365
answered Nov 17, 2010 by Madman


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