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CashBookEntry_Create: IntegrityException



I try to create a cashbookentry:

Input is: Array

    [cashBookHandle] => stdClass Object([Number] => 1)
    [type] => DebtorPayment
    [accountHandle] => stdClass Object([Number] => 1038)
    [contraAccountHandle] => stdClass Object([Number] => 5625)
    [creditorHandle] => stdClass Object([Number] => 1)
    [debtorHandle] => stdClass Object([Number] => 2)


I always get this: Economic.Api.Exceptions.IntegrityException(E06200): The creditor may not be supplied when the type is DebtorPayment.

I tried with all possibilities: DebtorPayment or CreditorInvoice or CreditorPayment or FinanceVoucher or ManualDebtorInvoice

Maybe someone has a solution what is missing



created Jun 5, 2013 by DrGM
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edited Jun 5, 2013 by DrGM
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1 Answer

"The creditor may not be supplied when the type is DebtorPayment" really says it: Since the entry you're creating is a DebtorPayment, you cannot specify a Creditor - it doesn't make any sense.
Similarly, neither does setting the Account (in practice, the Account of a DebtorPayment is automatically set to the debtor's group's account).
Out of Account, ContraAccount, Debtor and Creditor, for each entry type, these are the ones you can set (and for each, you must set at least one):
ManualDebtorInvoice/DebtorPayment: Debtor and/or ContraAccount
CreditorInvoice/CreditorPayment: Creditor and/or ContraAccount
FinanceVoucher: Account and/or ContraAccount
Best regards,
answered Jun 6, 2013 by Christian Estrup
I am a complete idiot in bookkeeping :-(
What is the next logic step after:
DebtorCreate and CurrentInvoiceCreate

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