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Having Problem with Product_UpdateFromData() function.


I am using the following code snippet to update the product but it gives me the error like Economic.Api.Exceptions.ServerException(E00000): An internal error has occurred. {id=1238935698}.

$ProductHandle = $client-Product_UpdateFromData(array(data =
                'Number'        = 2,               
                'Name'            = utf8_encode('1 måneds abonnement'),
                'Description'    = '',
                'SalesPrice'    = 6000,
                'CostPrice'        = 6000,
                'RecommendedPrice'= 3000,
                'IsAccessible'    = true,
                'Volume'        = 100,

Please help me to solve this issue.
created Jan 6, 2011 by Hardik
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2 Answers


As far as I can see, your product group handle setting isn't getting through. At least the XML we're receiving from your call contains no product group reference whatsoever.

Whether that's due to it really being NULL in your end, or an issue with some SOAP framework you're using, I can unfortunately not say.

Best regards,
answered Jan 6, 2011 by Christian Estrup
Hi Christian, Thanks for you reply.

I checked the product group handler also and it returns me the object.

Following is the code to get Product Group Handle

$productGroupHandle = $client-ProductGroup_FindByNumber(array('number'='3'))-ProductGroup_FindByNumberResult;

Output: stdClass Object ( [Number] = 3 )

I am using this object in the function Product_UpdateFromData(), but then also its not working and Also I tried the function by passing only the necessary paramaters only, but still the result is same.

I don't think there will be any issue with my SOAP framework because I am able to work with Product_CreateFromData().

Please help me.

answered Jan 11, 2011 by Hardik
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