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Debtors/Products from MySQL to E-conomic FREE examples

Hi there

I've recently worked on our MySQL / E-conomic integration and would like to help and share with others how we use the API to add/update our customers and products from our MySQL database to E-conomic.

These scripts runs through our customers and products tables in a MySQL database and for every row with a timestamp not older that 24 hours check if customer / product exists in E-conomic and add/update.

These files are meant as examples to illustrate how to use the E-conomic API - and as inspiration to build your own E-conomic integration. It's not fully working scripts and there's no further documentation or support than the comments inside them. However with a few adjustments you should be able to just upload and use the scripts pretty much as they are.

As long as you agree that whatever you do with the scripts it happens at YOUR OWN RISK
Feel free to use, share, edit and do whatever you want with them

This was made 2011 by Kenneth Peter Nielsen on behalf of Open Company

Got any comments? Hit me at

Also read about how we saved more that 400 hours a year by using the E-conomic API at our blog (in danish)

- Kenneth

Download examples:
created Jan 11, 2011 by Kennethpnielsen
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Hov !  Det er sgu da Kenneth fra (tidl.) LinuxShoppen. Alt vel ?
Kan vi måske mødes og udveksle nogle erfaringer med e-conomics ?
Hils Kevin !
answered Nov 25, 2011 by thomas.k
Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for sharing this - both the code and your story. Truly inspirational!

Best regards,
answered Nov 26, 2011 by Christian Estrup

Hej Thomas

Naturligvis - jeg har sendt dig en mail

answered Dec 15, 2011 by Kennethpnielsen

answered Dec 15, 2011 by Kennethpnielsen
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