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Modifications on booked invoice


We have made an integration to e-conomic which we are using to create invoices. Now we want the ability to set the invoice number to reflect the actual order number in our system. If I have understand everything correctly we can use the CurrentInvoice_BookWithNumber function in API to satisfy our needs.

Our current workflow is that we create an invoice, make som modifications (if necessary) and then book the invoice manually. We still need the ability to make modifications after the invoice have been created in e-conomic. Is this possible if we use CurrentInvoice_BookWithNumber our is the booked invoice locked for modifications?
created Jun 11, 2013 by johnny.hansson
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Hi Johnny,

As long as the invoice is still a CurrentInvoice, you are free to make any changes to it.

However, once it's booked - via Book or BookWithNumber - it's completely locked.


Best regards,
answered Jun 11, 2013 by Christian Estrup
selected Jun 27, 2013 by johnny.hansson
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