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Missing method?: CurrentInvoiceLine_SetAccrualInformation()

How will I set accrual start and end data for an invoice line from the soap API? (DK: Periodiséring start/stop dato)

It is easyly done by setting the start and end data en the webinterface - but I would have expected to find a method like: CurrentInvoiceLine_SetAccrualInformation() in the API to define these dates - however I can not find that nor figure out how to get the expected result. Can anyone give me a hint?

Best regards,
Sune Vestergaard
created Jun 11, 2013 by suve123
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2 Answers

I am also interested. The API is already missing some very important operations.
answered Jul 17, 2013 by Jens Kirk
Hi Jens,

If you have the time, I would like to familiarize me with what you think is missing?
Dear Sune,

You're right. Methods and properties regarding accruals are not exposed in the API. We are currently analysing usage and feature requests as input for redesigning our API and I can assure that accruals is a part of that assessment.
answered Jul 31, 2013 by mortenanders
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