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How to do stock adjustments?

I'm trying to use the API for creating products and maintaining stock. Creating products is not a problem, but maintaining stock is. Both Product_UpdateFromData and Product_UpdateFromDataArray indicate that InStock, OnOrder, Ordered, and Available can be changed using those functions, but when I try to change the values nothing gets updated. I can can create and update products, just not those attributes. It must be wrong that Product_UpdateFromData indicates that InStock, OnOrder, Ordered, and Available can be updated?!

I'm new to the E-conomic API and know little of book keeping so please bear with me. I have also considered if I should instead use the API to create products corresponding stock using a call that corresponds with the Supplier invoice found in web-based accounting admin.? There is also Stock books (Danish: Lagerregulering), but I can't find anything in the API documentation about that. Please help!
created May 14, 2011 by kwi
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As a general rule, data classes - such as ProductData - contain the same properties as the corresponding proxy classes (such as Product).

However, the InStock etc. properties are read/get-only - trying to call their set'er on a proxy class will cause an exception, whereas they're simply ignored in data classes.

This is because stock status works just like e.g. account or customer/debtor balances - in that they're calculated fields. To change the stock status of a product, you thus need to sell, buy or adjust the product.

Supplier invoices, as well as stock adjustments, are currently not available in the API. We do, however, expect to expose stock adjustments some time during the next 3-6 months.

Best regards,
answered May 16, 2011 by Christian Estrup
Hi Christian,

We did not hear back en this one, do you have an update about 3. part stock adjustments?

Is stock adjustments feature available in the API now? I don't see the function to update stocks.

Thanks for Clearing That Up!
answered May 17, 2011 by kwi
Hi Christian,

Do you have new time-line for stock adjustments, we have several customers there could use this function through API   

/ Kasper
answered Aug 3, 2011 by kaspersmith
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