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how to set delivery details when creating or updating order

$client -Order_SetDeliveryAddress(array('orderHandle'= $newOrderHandle, 'value' = utf8_encode('Delivery Location')));         
$client -Order_SetDeliveryPostalCode(array('orderHandle'= $newOrderHandle, 'value' = '7700'));
$client -Order_SetDeliveryCity(array('orderHandle'= $newOrderHandle, 'value' = 'Delivery City'));
$client -Order_SetDeliveryCountry(array('orderHandle'= $newOrderHandle, 'value' = 'Delivery Country'));
$client -Order_SetTermsOfDelivery(array('orderHandle'= $newOrderHandle, 'value' = 'Terms of Delivery'));
$client -Order_SetDeliveryDate(array('orderHandle'= $newOrderHandle, 'value' = date('Y-m-d\TH:i:s')));
created May 18, 2011 by Arnel
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