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Detection of product deletion


I would like to extract the deleted products from e-conomic. But I can't find an API call that does exactly this. The closest API call I can find is Product_GetAllUpdated. But deleted products are not present in the result of this call.

One solution would be to extract all products, and then compare with a previous extraction. This is infeasible when dealing with a large amount of products.

Are there any other way to extract the deleted products?

Best Regards.
created Jul 6, 2011 by nybohansen
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2 Answers


You cannot extract deleted products, since they're... well, deleted

However, with our release on Tuesday, July 12th, we'll be adding web hooks for detecting changes to customers/debtors, products, and projects. These will allow you to be notified on both creations, deletions, master info changes, and renumberings.

More info here once it's live.

Best regards,
answered Jul 7, 2011 by Christian Estrup

Thank you for your quick reply Christian. Looking forward to the next release.
answered Jul 7, 2011 by nybohansen
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