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How to get invoice PDF


I'm trying to create a new invoice, and all is fine... but on the returned PDF there is a watermark saying that it is a kladde (Draft). How do I remove this?

My code is:

$myProduct = $client-Product_FindByNumber(array('number' = $product_number))-Product_FindByNumberResult;
$newCurrentInvoiceHandle = $client-CurrentInvoice_Create(array('debtorHandle' = $myDebtor))-CurrentInvoice_CreateResult;
$newCurrentInvoiceLineHandle = $client-CurrentInvoiceLine_Create(array('invoiceHandle' = $newCurrentInvoiceHandle))-CurrentInvoiceLine_CreateResult;
$client-CurrentInvoiceLine_SetDescription(array('currentInvoiceLineHandle' = $newCurrentInvoiceLineHandle, 'value' = utf8_encode($description)));
$client-CurrentInvoiceLine_SetProduct(array('currentInvoiceLineHandle' = $newCurrentInvoiceLineHandle, 'valueHandle'= $myProduct));
$client-CurrentInvoiceLine_SetUnitNetPrice(array('currentInvoiceLineHandle' = $newCurrentInvoiceLineHandle, 'value' = $price));
$client-CurrentInvoiceLine_SetQuantity(array('currentInvoiceLineHandle' = $newCurrentInvoiceLineHandle, 'value' = 1));

$pdf = $client-CurrentInvoice_GetPdf(array('currentInvoiceHandle'=$newCurrentInvoiceHandle))-CurrentInvoice_GetPdfResult;
$result = $client-CurrentInvoice_Book(array('currentInvoiceHandle' = $newCurrentInvoiceHandle))-CurrentInvoice_BookResult-Number;

Hope you can help my.
created Jul 25, 2011 by wsy
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4 Answers


As long as the invoice hasn't been booked, it IS a draft.

If you book the invoice (CurrentInvoice.Book()), you can get a non-watermarked PDF from the resulting Invoice object.

Best regards,
answered Jul 26, 2011 by Christian Estrup
I tried switch the 2 last lines so the invoice is booked before I try to get the PDF... but in this case it just give me an error!

Can you post to lines of code that will do the trick?

answered Jul 26, 2011 by wsy

I'm no PHP expert - but in .NET, you'd do something like this:

// objCurrentInvoice is our current invoice
IInvoice objInvoice = objCurrentInvoice.Book();
byte[] pdfData = objInvoice.GetPdf();

Best regards,
answered Jul 27, 2011 by Christian Estrup
Ok i got it now, thank you.

If others have the same question the solution was:

$result = $client-CurrentInvoice_Book(array('currentInvoiceHandle' = $newCurrentInvoiceHandle))-CurrentInvoice_BookResult;
$pdf = $client-Invoice_GetPdf(array('invoiceHandle'=$result))-Invoice_GetPdfResult;
$result = $result-Number;
answered Jul 27, 2011 by wsy

How can i get it as PDF file. I m getting it as raw data. I m using PHP. How to convert that data as PDF ?
My best guess would be that you set the correct header and then echo the raw data.

header('Content-type: application/pdf');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="e-conomic-invoice.pdf"');
echo $pdf;
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