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Electronic invoice


When I run the CurrentInvoice_Book and the debtor has an EAN number, why is it that there is no option for sending the invoice as an electronic invoice?

These orders I have to manually upgrade to invoices, book them and send as electronic invoice.

Is this correct??
created Jul 26, 2011 by QubixDK
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3 Answers


It is.

The technical method in which invoices are sent electronically in e-conomic is very likely to change within the next 6-12 months. Since that may also change the way 'addressing' works, we're currently awaiting this in order to be able to expose electronic invoicing in the API in a 'future-proof' way.

Best regards,
answered Jul 30, 2011 by Christian Estrup
I would like to know if there is any updates regarding this issue? Do you have any plans for supporting electronic invoices through the API?

Best regards,
answered Sep 8, 2012 by kaarelinderoth
Just an update.

There is no direct support for EAN invoicing in the API.

There is no time schedule for when and if this will be available.
answered Feb 5, 2013 by nkn
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