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I have a general question.
Do e-conomic have any plans for developing a module for sending expl. annual financial reports to the govement (EogS) using the XBRL standard. As it is going to be mandatory to send in reports using this XBRL standard (latest 2012).
Kamal Qureshi
created Feb 24, 2010 by kamalaq
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yes, we plan to support the XBRL standard for sending annual reports to the government in Denmark, both because it will be a legal demand but also as it is very much in line with our vision of making accounting easy and fun.  

We are following the debate going on to decide when actually to have it ready. As it at the moment seems to become mandatory by january 2012 and we will probably launch a XBRL integration during 2011. However right now I cannot be more precise. We are also investigating whether the XBRL format that will be adopted by Denmark will be precisely the same as that adopted by other countries where we are present, as it will be much easier to make one integratio that covers all countries than one for each country.

Sorry about the late answer but this post seems to have slipped through our net as it really has nothing to do with our open API. The XBRL function will most likely be a add-on module that can be actived from within e-conomic. There will probably not be a download XBRL function available thorugh API but all the information needed to generate the annual reports can already now be downloaded through other API functions. So if there are any integration partners that want to make a XBRL integration they can do so now.
answered May 3, 2010 by mha
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