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Verify number of NOT registered Scanned Documents

Is is possible to see - via the API - wich Scanned Documents that are not processed yet ?
created Jul 3, 2013 by ekontoret.dk
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Try to use the ScannedDocument_GetStatus. Returns Unprocessed or Archived or Linked

/ Lasse

answered Jul 15, 2013 by sitetech
reshown Jul 29, 2015 by olej
Thanks :-)

Do you know why I can get an exception on this
IScannedDocument[]  docs = ec._session.ScannedDocument.GetAll();
IScannedDocumentData[]  docsData = ec._session.ScannedDocumentData.GetDataArray(docs);

The exception:
Economic.Api.Exceptions.IntegrityException was caught
  Message=The entity does not exist. (id=bb7d09e8-a0c9-4d87-b559-713ac742408f)
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