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Importing debtors via webservice

Hello everyone

I am importing debtors to a Wordpress-installation using the webservice. It works great!

We have run in to a small problem however. We can't seem to get the value of the Deres ref. (Your reference) field from each debtor. It looks like the webservice only returns some kind of ID - but the client has some information in a string stored in this field, that we need to have access to. How would You do that?

I use this function from the documentation: https//wwweconomiccom/secure/api1/EconomicWebserviceasmx?op=Debtor_GetYourReference

But i have also tried to get all data with the GetData function.

Any help or enlightenment is greatly appriciated !
created Oct 23, 2011 by emilh
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1 Answer


As per the YourReference property description:


- This is a reference to a DebitorContact.

To retrieve e.g. the name, you can do something like this:

IDebtorContact contact = objDebtor.YourReference;
string name = (contact == null ?  : contact.Name);

Best regards,
answered Oct 24, 2011 by Christian Estrup
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