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Debtor notes



Can see in this old post - http://apiforum.e-conomic.com/465/debtor-notes-from-api, that once it was not possible to work with debtor notes from the API.
Is this still the case?

If yes, how???
If no, what are the alternatives?

Best regards everyone, and enjoy the weekend.

created Jul 5, 2013 by bennich
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Hi bennich

Unfortunately, this is still the case. Due to time contrains there still is some functions in e-conomic, that need to be exposed to the API.

But, if an reasonable amount of people/developers is requesting a particular operation or property, we will of cause listen to these requests.
answered Jul 19, 2013 by mha
selected Feb 24, 2015 by olej
As far as I can see in the doc, it's still not possible. I've fixed this issue by not using the debtornotes in E-conomic, but only in own ERP. The sync is therfor only on data available.

/ Lasse
answered Jul 15, 2013 by sitetech
reshown Jul 29, 2015 by olej
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