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full PhP integration

Hello All,

Please let me know how can i integrate economic.api into php
they just give sample data  i just fetch that data  display into table format
(with the help of example).

How can i implement practically i m in trouble
i just want to save order in our database as well as economic database
(just synchronous both sides)--fetching orderwise data .

Please help me i m in big trouble,thanx in advance guys.

created Jan 7, 2012 by ash
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3 Answers

Some time ago I started working on https://github.com/kristiannissen/PHPEconomics - it's available for free and your welcome to let me know if you have any suggestions that can improve the solution. If you find any issues please create them at github.com
answered Jan 24, 2012 by kristian
Actually I just updated the entire project with a new branch yesterday https://github.com/kristiannissen/PHPEconomics/tree/v2
answered Jan 25, 2012 by kristian
hi ..
Thanks. Really great find. I m looking for more support. For example I need to add payment terms in creditor add and product add codes. Can you please help me or send me your email ?
Hi Kristian, I'm interested in your library!

Looking at v2, I figure economicsws.php is the newest version of the object approach, and economics.v1.php is the new flat version. Right? What are your plans for your project? Are you going to implement more methods?

What licence are the files published under?

answered Feb 1, 2012 by Urban Olsen
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