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Cannot Book to Cashbook Error on book invoice

When I try to book invoice, I get the following error, not sure what I am doing wrong. The Draft invoice is getting created without any issue and even the invoice is getting booked, but just an issue with this message.

Economic.Api.Exceptions.IntegrityException(E06300): Cannot book the cashbook: The following combinations of voucher number and date do not balance:

You may also want to make sure that all lines have the necessary accounts and contra accounts assigned.

Voucher 1125 - of 09.02.12: Balance is DKK -5.000,00.
Voucher 1126 - of 10.02.12: Balance is DKK -5.000,00.
Voucher 1127 - of 10.02.12: Balance is DKK -3.125,00.
Voucher 1128 - of 10.02.12: Balance is DKK -2.500,00.
Voucher 1129 - of 10.02.12: Balance is DKK -2.500,00. {id=77999440}
created Feb 10, 2012 by vandana
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