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PHP Api Wrapper

Hi there,

I also started an PHP API Wrapper to communicate with E-Conomic more easily. Take a look at


I develop it on Ubuntu/Debian. Of course, the PHP Soap extensions package must be installed. To start, just download it and move the config/economics.template.ini to /economics.ini and fill in your credentials. Find to call examples in /tests/commands/Economic_RemoteCommandMediatorTest.

API calls are abstracted as Economic_RemoteCommand and are executed by an Economic_RemoteCommandMediator that delegates to a WebService instance.

There are also three interfaces that are hopefully sufficient to map the e-conomic objects. Its the Economic_Object interface extended by the interfaces Economic_Entity and Economic_EntityData. There are abstract superclasses helping to implement both of the interfaces. I hope that this will make it easy to add new plain objects.

Tell me what you think and kick in to grow it fast, if you like

Kind regards,

created Feb 17, 2012 by Bergtroll
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This looks very nice, thanks for sharing!

What license is this published under? Code.google.com says artistic/gpl, the files have a dead link to some other license in their doxygen comments.

If you're using GPL, what does that mean for the rest of my project?

I'm missing a guide to using your wrapper. A short description and some examples would be nice.

Thanks again!
answered Feb 21, 2012 by Urban Olsen
GPL means that if you add to the source code, you are obliged to share those changes if you redistribute the source.

If you on the other hand offer it as a service, you do not have to share the source.

You can sell GPL code, but the buyer have the right to re-sell it.
answered Feb 24, 2012 by tmikaeld
Hey thanks for your interest,

sorry about the differing license in source code, I just forgot to remove it, that will happen in the next update. The choosing of the Artistic/GPL license is intentional, you can find out more about it on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artistic_License as a starting point. I have to add a little correction to tmikaelds comment. Even if you provide GPL driven software as a service, you will have to provide a link where the the source code is accessable. If you use GPL software as essential part of your software, the software must be licensed as GPL to. Depending on your business model, this may or may not work for you

The Artistic license nevertheless allows us to offer you a custom licensing as well. For example something like you are allowed to use the software for free and without the need to put it under open source, as long as we are still mentioned as the creators of this specific part of the software at some appropriate place and as long as you send back improvements to the original project.

For me it is perfectly well If you are going to use my wrapper and even earn money with it, because it is confirmation of doing something useful and some advertisement as long as it is give and take. This is what the license enforces.

To answer your question about documentation I have to disappoint you by now. We have several current projects and at the moment and we are not yet connecting them to e-conomic, but that will certainly happen this year. So by now I will push recent changes to the repository whenever there is something new and I have the time for it but I am definitely not able to provide documentation right now. Nevertheless I will write some more unit tests. These should give you a good hint how to use the wrapper. At least I hope that it will be quite simple to use because most of the classes behave in a VERY similar way and only the attributes differ.

Best regards and have a nice weekend,

answered Feb 24, 2012 by Bergtroll
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