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Set product currency through API

I want to sell a product in EUR, which will be invoiced automatically in EUR through the API and rendered in EUR on the client invoice. But in my e-conomic reports, I need to see the product in DKK, as the rest of my bokkeeping is in DKK.

How do I achieve this? I'd be happy to investigate myself if you can send me a relevant link.

created Mar 19, 2012 by hidaseb
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When you invoice, the currency is set at the invoice level, not the invoice-line level.

Thus, there is no such thing as a product which will be invoiced automatically in EUR.

However, invoices are by default created in the currency of the customer.

If you, however, need to specify a default EUR price of a specific product, you can have a look at the ProductPrice - http//wwwe-conomiccom/apidocs/Documentation/T_Economic_Api_IProductPricehtml interface.

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answered Mar 19, 2012 by Christian Estrup
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