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Help with simple script

I'm running a small company (more or less on a hobby-basis), and until now accounting has been handled by my own self-made PHP script that automatically creates and send invoices. However I wish to upgrade to a real system, and e-conomic seems to be the perfect choice - but I'd need some help with the API.

Would someone in this forum be interested in helping me out with integration to the API? I don't need help with much, but if you are interested please send me a message and we can agree on the price.

Here's what I need:
- A PHP script that can generate an invoice in e-conomic based on data generated by my existing script.
As the products I sell rarely change, I have no problem entering the database of products manually into e-conomic. My clients are also more or less fixed, so these can also be entered into e-conomic manually.
created Apr 17, 2012 by Publicus
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