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Limit api functionality via proxy or api key?

Is there a way to limit which functions to allow to be used in the API?

My goal is to prevent my developers from having access to all financial data in E-conomic.
The functionality they need to have access to are debtors, creat, list and edit. Then create invoices and get pdf.

Also, I don't want to give the main account password to the developers.

If there aren't a way to do that, do you have a soap proxy script which can be placed on an other server.
The proxy soap server would then have the main password and access to all api functionaly.
Then the proxy should only expose methods we want the production server to be able to use.

If the proxy don't exist - we will create it.

created Apr 25, 2012 by ThomasKj
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The e-conomic API doesn't support that level of access granularity at this point.

Using an in-between proxy script is a neat workaround   We don't have one at the moment - and I can imagine everyone would have their own ideas as to the limitations it should impose. But I hope you'll share your experiences with everyone.

Best regards,
answered Apr 25, 2012 by Christian Estrup
Thank you for the reply.

We will create the proxy and post the code here once we are done with it.
answered Apr 26, 2012 by ThomasKj
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