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Order integration to e-conomic

Is there anyone who can tell the best solution for integrating orders to e-conomic?
created Jul 10, 2013 by JensToke
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2 Answers

Depending on what suits you best.

You can use Cashbookentries if you only need to use it for accounting, or send the entire order to e-conomic  and work with it from here.

/ Lasse
answered Jul 15, 2013 by sitetech
reshown Jul 29, 2015 by olej
It depends on how your business workflow works.
If orders are placed and there's a business process (physical shipping, manual verification) before the actual invoice should be sent, the orders should be created as orders and consequently be upgraded to invoices as part of the intermediate process.
On the other hand, if everything has been taken care of when the order lands at e-conomic and e-conomic should only be responsible for invoicing, the order could be created directly as a draft invoice (CurrentInvoice in API terms) and consequently booked. That would save you a workflow state and a few requests compared to the former.
answered Jul 31, 2013 by mortenanders
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