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When using Order_SetCurrency to set the currency of an order, the exchange rate does not change to the proposed rate of the currency nor the rate set in the fixed exchange rates menu.

It looks like the exchange rate follows the debtors default currency.

The only way I can change the exchange rate of an order, is by using Order_SetExchangeRate. This has the problem, that I need to specify rates both in the external program using the API and in e-conomic in order to avoid differences.

Is this an intended behavior or a bug?
created Aug 1, 2012 by nybohansen
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Yes it is intended behavior and you describe it very correctly.

The short answer is that if we based it on the currency and automatically updated exchange rate according to it there could be a lot of potential side effect dependent on in which order you changed currency/date/exchange rate. Potentially, there could be a lot of scenarios where you would not get what you expected.

answered Aug 3, 2012 by nkn


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