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How to get a debitors subscriptions?


Is it possible to get the subscribtions of a given debitor?

In api terms: is it possible to get a list of subscriber objects for a given debitor?

(I can see a FindBySubscription method but then I'd have to iterate over all the subscribers of a subscription to find the one with my given debitor number.)

regards, Sune Wøller
created Jul 16, 2010 by sunew
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2 Answers


IDebtor.GetSubscribers() - http//wwwe-conomiccom/apidocs/Documentation/M_Economic_Api_IDebtor_GetSubscribershtml is your friend.

Best regards,
answered Jul 20, 2010 by Christian Estrup
Ah, I missed that one : ) - thanks!

answered Jul 22, 2010 by sunew
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