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Problem setting date of cashBookEntry

I'm a bit of newbie but managed to use Java to update e-conomic from our EPOS system! The only problem I'm having is setting the date of the transactions.

The date set in e-conomic seems to be one day behind... for example if I try to set 23rd August, when I check e-conomic the date is set as 22nd August!

Here is the code I am using, and below that an example of the debug output I am getting. (The date from the EPOS system is stored in Date variable 'paymentDate')

                CurrencyHandle currency = sessioncurrency_FindByCode(GBP);
                       vatAccount = 4000;
                       vatCode = S-STD;

                AccountHandle account = sessionaccount_FindByNumber(vatAccount);
                // Cash book 7 = Manual customer invoices
                CashBookHandle cashBookHandle = sessioncashBook_FindByNumber(7);
                // Set VAT Account
                VatAccountHandle vatAccountHandle = sessionvatAccount_FindByVatCode(vatCode);

                // Set the customer
                DebtorHandle debtor  = sessiondebtor_FindByNumber(101);

                // Create a skeleton cash book entry
                CashBookEntryHandle cashBookEntryHandle
                        = sessioncashBookEntry_CreateManualDebtorInvoice(cashBookHandle, debtor, account);

                // Set the handle from the newly created entry

                // Populate data with everything from the new entry
                data = sessioncashBookEntry_GetData(cashBookEntryHandle);

                datasetAmount(new BigDecimal(paymentTotal));

                Calendar cal = CalendargetInstance();

                DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(yyyy/MM/dd HHmmss);




                datasetText(Daily takings +paymentMethod);


The debug output for a few entries is:

2012/08/23 211328
2012/08/23 000000
2012/08/23 000000
2012/08/23 000000
2012/08/22 010000
2012/08/23 211335
2012/08/23 000000
2012/08/23 000000
2012/08/23 000000
2012/08/22 010000
2012/08/23 211343
2012/08/28 000000
2012/08/28 000000
2012/08/28 000000
2012/08/27 010000

I wonder if there's some issue with the timezone, but not sure where to search for a solution. Can anyone help?


created Aug 23, 2012 by mrbriandarnell
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