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Integration for Economic inventory/purchase

I have been searching the documentation and cannot find anyway to integrate for purchase/inventory (receiving and purchase invoice update). Am i overlooking something or is this not possible thru the api ?

Claus Aaberg
created Feb 19, 2010 by Claus Aaberg
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5 Answers

Sorry, at the moment the API do not support integation to the stock module.


Solution Architect
answered Mar 9, 2010 by mha
Is there any new plans, in regards to including parts of stock management in the api ?

I ask because i see alot of requests regard functionality in stock management and the decission seems to be that Economic isnt (at the moment) interested in expandig this module. It also seems that alot of companies out there is looking for alternatives to their current ERP solutions.

What would be really nice, when trying to sell Economic to a new customer (my business is Cleandesk=Economic), would be, that i was able to telle the customer, that even though their special needs might not be handled by Economic (currently), it would be something we could solve via the api (which together with Easy-of-use is one of the great things about Economic).

Just exposing some of the data (even if it that means not being able to render them) would open a world of possibilities.
answered Jan 6, 2011 by Claus Aaberg

the same problem here; a SaaS solution where we do not have any direct access possibilities to the database, the missing API for the Stock module, quickly becomes a big issue; so please state whether this is on the roadmap or not   

answered Apr 3, 2011 by Fraefel

While there is no final schedule, we are looking to expose stock adjustments during H1 of 2012.

This will also make it possible to work around not having actual supplier invoices exposed - since, then, the 'stock effect' and the 'supplier effect' can simply be booked separately.

Best regards,
answered Jan 17, 2012 by Christian Estrup
Hi Christian,

Did you implement stock adjustment yet?

We are considering E-Conomics, but stock adjustment through the SOAP API is a must for us.


- Rasmus
Hi Christian,
Almost half the way through H1 of 2012: What is the schedule telling about the exposure of stock adjustments?
Best regards
Henrik Grauslund
answered Mar 27, 2012 by Grauslund
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