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Requesting API Integration between e-conomic and Virtuemart

Despite all the dynamic features present in Virtuemart, it does not provide an effective accounting platform. However, we would like to provide these Virtuemart web shops with a reliable, flexible and easy to use accounting forum.

For this, we need to integrate features of Virtuemart to run in sync with corresponding features of e-conomic. Therefore, all transactions that take place in Virtuemart must go through re-defined processes dictated by its integration with e-conomic. The end product of the integration should be for the two platforms to achieve the following results.

Both Virtuemart and e-conomic should:

- Reflect a similar change of base currency.
- Reflect similar VAT values.
- Reflect similar changes in currencies.
- Reflect similar product lists and stock levels, as well as changes of attributes and values of these.
- Reflect similar updates and changes of values in the supplier lists.

e-conomic specific results:

- Although the invoicing will happen in Virtuemart, invoices must be available as well in e-conomic for accounting purposes.
- e-conomic must reflect the order status on Virtuemart.

Virtuemart specific results:

- Exchange rates should be updated based on e-conomic updates.
- Virtuemart should show the invoice history of both Virtuemart and e-conomic under the ?My Account? menu.

Is there anyone who can do such an API Integration between Virtuemart and e-conomic?
created Jun 2, 2010 by webkonsepterhr
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I have been working on an integration with some of the features you request.

If your request is still current, please notify this by responding to this post, and I will forward a project plan for your integration.

Best regards
Poul Willy Eriksen
answered Aug 4, 2010 by anonymous
Visma e-conomic A/S