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Optimizations to bulk downloading of invoices and products

In addition to adding new features, we're of course also constantly looking at ways in which to improve the performance of existing API functionality.

Our latest forays into this all-important topic involve some great optimizations to the bulk downloading of invoices and products - specifially, the InvoiceData.GetDataArray() - http//wwwe-conomiccom/apidocs/Documentation/M_Economic_Api_Data_IInvoiceDataUtil_GetDataArrayhtml and ProductData.GetDataArray() - http//wwwe-conomiccom/apidocs/Documentation/M_Economic_Api_Data_IProductDataUtil_GetDataArrayhtml method.

For invoices, we've seen speed increases upwards of factor 50 (yes, fifty!).

For products, speed increases are more likely to be around a factor 7-8 - and particularly noticeable if you're using the Stock management module - http//wwwe-conomiccouk/accountingsystem/addonmodules/stock, and thus retrieve the InStock, OnOrder, Ordered and Available properties as well.

In other words, if you're using bulk downloading of products to synchronize stock availability for e.g. your web shop, you should be especially pleased...

As always, you can pick up the latest developer toolkit - including an updated .NET assembly - right here - http//wwwe-conomiccouk/integration/integration-partner/. You can also read the full documentation online here - http//wwwe-conomiccom/apidocs/Documentation/indexhtml.
created Aug 6, 2010 by Christian Estrup
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