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Integration Zen Cart to e-conomics

I need help regarding integration of my customers and orders to e-conomics. I am currently using a system where i have a csv file of customers and orders. And changing to e-conomics next year. I really dont want to manually add this details. I am cutrrently having around 30 orders a day..... Hopefully someone can help  
created Oct 23, 2012 by joan
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E-Conomic supports a wide range of functionality for importing data from csv files - so if it is possible you could export your current data to csv and then import in e-conomic.

It is also possible to implement an import based on the api, but if it is a 1 shot operation I think going the csv way is probably simpler.
answered Oct 25, 2012 by nkn
Hi Joan,

as nkn says ,

In e-conomic.com site for products/customers/orders we have a facility to import customers from your data base to e-conomic, What you need to do is just see the format of csv file that contains fields and get all the fields from your data base tables. Write a query for getting all the fields and create one csv file programatically and insert the data on that file save the file start with CSV_XXX.CSV on your local disk.

and loging to your e-conomic account goto customers/orders/products/supplers goto option call export

give the csv file and match all the fields .

if the query you write is correct , then automatically all the details your csv will store on e-conomic.

Hope its Helpful .

Kind regards

answered Apr 5, 2013 by sudheerphp
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