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Python abstraction


I have glanced at the SOAP API and are currently planning building a module for a project that will send invoices data to e-conomic. I have no problem in coding with SOAP, but it would save me some time and brainpower if anyone had already build an abstraction for python. Anybody?

If not, I'll probably start with a first draft of an abstraction for python users myself and later on release it to the world. How do you handle custom stuff like that? I would share it with however wanted it, so it might make sense for you to actually link to it. Provided of cause that I have proven it to work :)
created Jun 17, 2009 by bromer
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We are also working on integration with python. Its currently a very specialized app.
But we use ZSI for the SOAP webservice part, and this works fine. With ZSI you can generate python stubs from the wsdl - perhaps this is enough in way of an integration layer? It exposes the e-conomic api as python classes (the stubs).
answered Jun 25, 2010 by sunew
We have developed simple high-level python abstraction layer for e-conomic SOAP API.
It's released as a free software, here you can grab it: https://github.com/sniku/PyEconomic

Comments/Bug reports/Enhancements are very welcome!
answered Sep 15, 2011 by Pawel
Can anyone help me how to integrate e-conomic api in python-django and generate invoices using
customer's data as well as the transaction details are transferred to e-conomic?
answered Apr 12, 2012 by py-eco
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