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Debtor_GetEntris not working ...

HI ,

I have integrated  E-conomic with my VDF ( Visual Data Flex) application by using webservice.
To get the open entries or all entries for Debtor I am using following code in my application.

  String asClientNo
    Integer i
    tWSDebtorHandle         stDebtorHandle
    tWSDebtorEntryHandle  staDebtorEntryHandle staDebtorOpenEntryHandle
    String sDebtorNum

    Move (String(16)) to asClientNo0
    Move (String(20)) to asClientNo1
    Move (String(8924)) to asClientNo2
    Move (String(10002)) to asClientNo3
    Move (String(1))      to asClientNo4          ///Created sample array for 5 cliens

   For i from 0 to (SizeOfArray(asClientNo)-1)
       Get wsDebtor_FindByNumber of  oWSEconomicWebService asClientNoi to stDebtorHandle           
       Get wsDebtor_GetEntries  of oWSEconomicWebService stDebtorHandle to staDebtorEntryHandle
       Get wsDebtor_GetOpenEntries  of oWSEconomicWebService stDebtorHandle to staDebtorOpenEntryHandle     


and this code was working fine for me before 2 months.
But when i checked it 2days before .. it is not working at all  

To get Debtor handle it working and it is returning debtor handle with function wsDebtor_FindByNumber  
but to get Debtor entries is not working at all .. it is not returning anything ....
and when i checked in Error .. it is giving error as ...

[color=red:1qzbylkq] Received XML data does not match destination data type [/color:1qzbylkq]

So what is wrong in it ?
or have u changed anything in API ??

created Sep 10, 2009 by nayan
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