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Invalid child element when logging in


I am doing some experiments with the e-conomic API from ruby using the savon library. I get an error when I try to connect.

Economic.Api.Exceptions.SchemaException(E00500): The element 'Connect' in namespace 'http://e-conomic.com' has invalid child element 'agreementNumber'. List of possible elements expected: 'agreementNumber' in namespace 'http://e-conomic.com'. {id=1044609933}

Which does not make much sense to me.

Here is the xml from the request:

?xml version=10 encoding=UTF-8?
envEnvelope xmlnswsdl=http//e-conomiccom xmlnsenv=http//schemasxmlsoaporg/soap/envelope/

Any ideas?
created Sep 5, 2010 by nibbo
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I think you need to prefix agreementNumber, userName and password with wsdl in order for this to work.

Tonight I created an example of how to login and print the name and address using Ruby and Savon's eight branch.

I you're interested you could take a look here:


answered Oct 31, 2010 by joerichsen
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