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E-conomic api with Python Using SOAP

I add this post for those who wants to use the E-conomic API with Python using webservices.

Initial Steps:
1)     Create client using suds
2)    Pass the path of wsdl file to client
3)    Call the all the webservice methods using that client  

The steps I should follow to use E-conomic api with Python using webservices:
All the methods of webservices which I used as per my requirement

1) Connect To the E-conomic API account through Connect( ) method, but for that you already have account on E-conomic.
    Successfully connected  get default string as a response

2) Create Client as a Debtor through Debtor_Create( ) method
    Successfully created  get response as Customer Number
    Also set other information like,
    Email Address, TermOfPayment and Layout as per your requirements

3) Create Current Invoice For the Above Customer(Debtor) through CurrentInvoice_Create() method
    Successfully created  get response as Invoice_Id

4) Create Current InvoiceLines For the Current Invoice through CurrentInvoiceLine_Create() method
Successfully created  get response as InvoiceLine_Id  InvoiceLine_Number

5) Set the Product details to the Current InvoiceLines through CurrentInvoiceLine_SetProduct() method
Successfully Set the Product to the Current InvoiceLine  also set the other details of product.

6) I Call the CurrentInvoice_Book( ) to book that invoice
    Which return the Invoice Number

7) Using that Invoice Number call Invoice_GetPdf( ) method which returns the invoice's pdf file, in base64binary encoded format so decode it.
Then send it to email_id of customer (Debtor).

Special thanks to Mr. Christian Estrup , who help me to solve the issues which i get.

You get information of all the available methods here,
https://www.e-conomic.com/secure/api1/E ... rvice.asmx
created May 29, 2012 by Madhu
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