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Get financial entries with VAT amount


I would like to get all entries of a certain account (e.g. telephone or bank account) including the following detailes. Having looked at the API doc. I'm not sure how to get this level of detail the easiest and most efficient way.

- Vouchernumber
- Date
- Text
- Amount
- Foreign amount (if different from default currency)
- VAT amount
- VAT code
- ContraAccount
- Contra VAT code
- Currency
created Aug 15, 2012 by marj
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2 Answers


Have you tried experimenting with Account.GetEntriesByDate http://www.e-conomic.com/apidocs/Docume ... yDate.html

It might suit your purposes.
answered Aug 29, 2012 by nkn

In theory yes, but IEntry doesn't expose VAT amount which is a must.

answered Aug 29, 2012 by marj
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