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Book a DIBS payment


I am using soap to create an invoice and need to book a payment made through DIBS in e-conomic. Here is what I think I should do.

1. Book CurrentInvoice for a debtor (Save InvoiceHandle)
2. Create cashbookentry, type CashBookEntryType.DebtorPayment with the amount from the recently booked invoice using the invoice handle returned
3. Use the contra account 1012

Now the invoice should be booked and the DIBS payment registerred and completed in dibs. Am I right in my assumption?
created Sep 23, 2012 by lajo_79
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What you are describing is a valid way of creating a payment for the debtor invoice in e-conomic - given that you also remember to book the cashbook.

There is no direct registration and completion in DIBS from e-conomic.
answered Oct 8, 2012 by nkn
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