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I cant do CurrentInvoice_Create when i search the right debtor by name

Hi Forum

I have a problem.

I want to create a CurrentInvoice.

Everything works fine when i find my debtorhandle by searching on number.

But when i do the same but fetch my debtorhandle by searching on name it fails.

I am using PHP.

It looks like Debtor_FindByName returns an array of debtorhandles.

How do i get my debtorhandle out of that array? (It is an array with one post)

Regards Christian
created Aug 13, 2013 by cheyn
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Hi Christian

You're right. Debtor_FindByName returns an array of debtors, because multiple debtors can share the same name.

Look at the description and you can see the result returning array



If you need to be sure of what debtor is returned, then use _FindByNumber insted

answered Aug 14, 2013 by mha
selected Aug 20, 2013 by cheyn
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