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A change from Axis 1 to Metro solved the problem with "User is not authenticated"



It looks like E-conomic's current API implementation causes Java implementations using Axis 1 to break.
I have used Axis 1 for several yeas on the E-conomic API, but suddenly my client failed during the last couple of days.
To solve the problem I changed my client from using Axis 1 to using Metro (http://metro.java.net), so now everything is allright again.
Unfortunately the change from Axis 1 to Metro involved some code changes. I did the following:
* Recreated the API classes using Metros wsimport
* Changed my client code that used arrays of Economic classes, because Axis used arrays and Metro uses Lists
* Changed my client code that used Economic method names with underscore, because Metro generated method names does not contain underscore.
* Changed the creation of sessions. This is only slightly different using Metro.
Easy enough, but it required an hour or two of unexpected extra work.
created Aug 13, 2013 by ravnholt
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This sounds promising, but for us on other platforms than Java... do you have any clue as to what the difference in the implementation is with Metro compared to Axis 1?

I remember some news about a new authentication system, but I have not heard anything about them removing support for the "old" way as of yet.
answered Aug 13, 2013 by Albert Ramstedt

I might have spotted the difference or what makes axis1 break. I noticed that when request fails and you get the "not authenticated error" it is because axis adds (in my case)

Cookie: ADRUM_37_0_1=btId%3a174352

These extra cookies to the http request that wraps the web service call. I saw this by routing the request over fiddler. My guess is that these cookies interferes with the Cookie: ASP.Net Session=khgthjghjg so e-conomic servers can't figure out the session.

I have no clue to why the extra cookies are added, I can do maybe 10 request in the current e-conomic session and on the 11 the cookies are added and requets fails

I changed to apache cxf which solved my problems

Actually, the e-conomic people fixed this bug since 21 yesterday so now our integration works without any fixes in our code. But I assume there was some kind of change in the way they assigned cookies.
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