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Transactions and datefunctions

1) Is there in any way possible to get transactions between certain dates?

2) Can I get a list of accounts between two certain dates? E.g. a list of accounts and their balance between 2009-01-01 and 2009-02-28?
created Nov 9, 2009 by Svdbrg
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1 Answer

1. IEntryUtil.FindByDate() is your friend: http//wwwe-conomiccom/apidocs/Documentation/M_Economic_Api_IEntryUtil_FindByDatehtml

2. IAccount.GetEntriesByDate() [url](http://www.e-conomic.com/apidocs/Docume ... yDate.html[/url]) will get you all entries on an account in a specified date interval. You may then sum these to calculate a balance.

NOTE, HOWEVER, that in order to minimize the number of round-trips when summing these entries, you should really throw the resulting IEntry array from IAccount.GetEntriesByDate() at IEntryUtil.GetDataArray (http//wwwe-conomiccom/apidocs/Documentation/M_Economic_Api_Data_IEntryDataUtil_GetDataArrayhtml).

answered Nov 9, 2009 by Christian Estrup
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