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Is et possible to change just some of the data in a product?

Hello Forum

Is it possible to change just some of the data in a product without entering all data?

When i tryed to change price with juse of theupdateproduct function and entered product Handle and SalesPrice i got a failmessage saying that costprice was missing.

Off cource in this specific example i could just use set salesprice, but maybe i want to change severel, but not all, data at the same time.

Do i really have to do 'setsalesprice', 'setproductname', 'setproductgroup' ... when i want to change 5 or 6 data at the same time?

Regards Christian
created Aug 21, 2013 by cheyn
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What you should do is this:

- Retrieve the product using GetData
- Update whatever properties you wish
- Return the COMPLETE data structure to UpdateFromData


Best regards,
answered Aug 24, 2013 by Christian Estrup
selected Aug 26, 2013 by cheyn
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