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How to create Orderlines

Hi there,

I am making a small test-application, to get to know this API.
FSo fat so good, but I'm stuck at creating orderlines on an order.

I can't seem to set any monetary value on the lines - so all orderlines will end out with 0 in monetary-value.
How do I set these properties?

As far as I can see, all values that could be used, are read-only.

example of my orderline-creation:
        IOrderLineData line = esession.OrderLineData.Create(order);
        IProduct product = esession.Product.FindByNumber(1000);
        line.Product = product;
        line.Quantity = 1;
        line.Product.SalesPrice = product.SalesPrice;
        IOrderLine ol = esession.OrderLine.CreateFromData(line);
created Dec 21, 2009 by kimbang
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1 Answer

Got it.

IOrderLine.UnitNetPrice sets the amount.
answered Dec 21, 2009 by kimbang
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