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Why cant i make OrderLine_CreateFromData work?

I want to make a set of orderlines.

My question is about the syntax of CreateOrderLineFromData

Why dont this work:

function CreateOrderLineFromData($client,$orderHandle,$productHandle,$amount,$price){
                                                        'orderHandle' => $orderHandle,
                                                        'ProductHandle' => $productHandle,
                                                        'Quantity' => $amount,
                                                        'UnitNetPrice' => $price,


When this do work:

    function CreateOrderLines($client,$orderHandle,$productHandle,$amount,$price){
            $orderLineHandle = $client->OrderLine_Create(array(
                                                        'orderHandle' => $orderHandle,
                                            'orderLineHandle' => $orderLineHandle,
                                            'valueHandle' => $productHandle
                                            'orderLineHandle' => $orderLineHandle,
                                            'value' => $amount

                                        'orderLineHandle' => $orderLineHandle,
                                        'value' => $price


Can any body give me a tip?

Regards Christian Heyn
created Aug 23, 2013 by cheyn
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1 Answer

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I have now tryet to first do Orderline_Create, and then in Orderline_CreateByData fill in the Handle. That works.

But is it not possible to do OrderLine_CreateByData without first creating the orderline?
answered Aug 23, 2013 by cheyn
selected Aug 28, 2013 by cheyn
I fund the solution my self.

An orderlines handle consist of 2 data. Id and Number.
Id is the id of the orderhandle.
Number is the linenumber for the orderline.

So just use set orderline->id = order->id
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